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Edmonton author Gayleen Froese discusses her new paranormal mystery GRAYLING CROSS, the hugely entertaining sequel to her 2005 NeWest Press title TOUCH.

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B.C. author Roy Innes discusses the latest entry in his series of Blakemore/Coswell crime novels, MURDER IN THE CHILCOTIN.

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B.C. author Tanna Patterson-Z discusses her gripping new novel BUTTERFLIES IN BUCARAMANGA and the real-life kidnapping incident that inspired it.

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First-time Saskatchewan author Myrna Dey discusses her novel EXTENSIONS, which is both a contemporary crime novel and a historical drama.

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B.C. author Rosella Leslie (THE GOAT LADY'S DAUGHTER) discusses her new novel DRIFT CHILD.

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Calgary playwright Ken Cameron reveals the stories behind the creation of his plays HARVEST, MY MOROCCO, and MY ONE AND ONLY, all of which are included in the new anthology HARVEST AND OTHER PLAYS.

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