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Margaret Macpherson dropped by to talk about her incisive and important new memoir TRACKING THE CARIBOU QUEEN. Along the way, we talked about the difficulty in writing about systemic racism and the colonial system, as well as why some stories work better as creative non-fiction and others as fiction.

Grab a copy of TRACKING THE CARIBOU QUEEN from our website here.

Margaret's Masterclass event with Edmonton's LitFest is on October 20th, and information on that can be found here.

For information on Margaret's Saskatoon Launch at McNally Robinson on October 27th, click here.

The Edmonton launch for the book will be at the Bonnie Doon Community Hall on October 29th, info here

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Jaspreet Singh sent us some lovely readings of poems from his new collection HOW TO HOLD A PEBBLE, which is in stores and online now.

To grab a copy of the book yourself, go to our website.

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Myrna Kostash came on the show to talk about her new creative non fiction book GHOSTS IN A PHOTOGRAPH, which examines the history of her family members who came to Canada and the ones who stayed behind in Ukraine.

If you're in Edmonton, come out to our launch event on October 6th, 2022!

Grab a copy of GHOSTS IN A PHOTOGRAPH here!

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Author A.J. Devlin stopped by to talk about the third book in the "Hammerhead" Jed mystery-comedy series FIVE MOVES OF DOOM. Along the way we talked about going to bloodsports in the post-apocalypse and how to write about MMA without getting beat up.

Buy a copy of FIVE MOVES OF DOOM here!

Check out A.J.'s site for tour details and other events!

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Author Niall Howell joined us to talk about his new novel THERE ARE WOLVES HERE TOO. Along the way we talked about having Eighties nostalgia while also being in the Nineties, and which classic English book could have been written by a dinosaur.

Pick up your copy of THERE ARE WOLVES HERE TOO at our website.

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Author Kathryn Willcock joined us to talk about her new memoir UP THE COAST, as well as pieces that didn't make the cut and the value of blue-collar storytelling.

Pre-order your copy of UP THE COAST at!

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Travel writer Jill Frayne stopped by to talk about her first fiction book (and part of the Nunatak First Fiction series no less) WHY I'M HERE. Along the way, we talked about the North, social work and why mentorship can teach you how to write outside your comfort zones.

Pre-order your copy of WHY I'M HERE now at!

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Darcy Tamayose stopped by to talk about her much-anticipated new book Ezra's Ghosts, a collection of linked stories.

Along the way we talked about comic books, Stephen King and the early days of the pandemic.

Pre-order your copy of the book now at!

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Debut author and editor Frances Peck joined us to talk about her novel The Broken Places, part of our Nunatak First Fiction Series.

Along the way we talked about writing about disasters while new ones crop up in real life, and why flawed characters can be our favourites.

Join Frances for a reading with the North Shore Writers' Association March 29th at 7 pm! 

Pre-order your copy of the book at!

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Mystery author J.T. Siemens joined us to talk about his debut novel TO THOSE WHO KILLED ME. Along the way we talked about first brushes with mortality and what authors can learn from physical trainers.

Pre-order your copy of TO THOSE WHO KILLED ME here:

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