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Welder/boilermaker/author Rick Ranson talks about his new book BITTERSWEET SANDS, and the firsthand realities of working in the Fort McMurray oilsands.

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Edmonton writer Wendy McGrath talks about her luminous new novel NORTH EAST, vanishing neighbourhoods, and the imaginative world of childhood.

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Episode #39: Marguerite Pigeon/SOME EXTREMELY BORING DRIVES

Marguerite Pigeon discusses her new story collection SOME EXTREMELY BORING DRIVES, long-distance endurance racing, bullfighting, cat-catching, and her attempt to emulate Franz Kafka.

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Episode #38: Laurence Miall/BLIND SPOT

Laurence Miall talks about his new novel BLIND SPOT, the virtues of setting a book in an unglamourous city like Edmonton, and the challenges of writing a book with what some might call an "unlikable" protagonist.

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D.B. Carew talks about his experiences as a first-time novelist, and how his day job as a social worker at a forensic psychiatric hospital informed his new thriller THE KILLER TRAIL.

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Karen Hofmann talks about her new novel AFTER ALICE, sibling rivalry, orchard life, whether elderly characters are different from youthful characters, and the art of describing the natural world.

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Edmonton actor/playwright/improviser/screenwriter/TV star Chris Craddock talks about his new collection of theatrical monologues, PUBLIC SPEAKING AND OTHER PLAYS, as well as Ayn Rand acolytes, amateur porn stars, and electric chair designers.

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