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Margaret Macpherson dropped by to talk about her incisive and important new memoir TRACKING THE CARIBOU QUEEN. Along the way, we talked about the difficulty in writing about systemic racism and the colonial system, as well as why some stories work better as creative non-fiction and others as fiction.

Grab a copy of TRACKING THE CARIBOU QUEEN from our website here.

Margaret's Masterclass event with Edmonton's LitFest is on October 20th, and information on that can be found here.

For information on Margaret's Saskatoon Launch at McNally Robinson on October 27th, click here.

The Edmonton launch for the book will be at the Bonnie Doon Community Hall on October 29th, info here

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Jaspreet Singh sent us some lovely readings of poems from his new collection HOW TO HOLD A PEBBLE, which is in stores and online now.

To grab a copy of the book yourself, go to our website.

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Myrna Kostash came on the show to talk about her new creative non fiction book GHOSTS IN A PHOTOGRAPH, which examines the history of her family members who came to Canada and the ones who stayed behind in Ukraine.

If you're in Edmonton, come out to our launch event on October 6th, 2022!

Grab a copy of GHOSTS IN A PHOTOGRAPH here!

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Author A.J. Devlin stopped by to talk about the third book in the "Hammerhead" Jed mystery-comedy series FIVE MOVES OF DOOM. Along the way we talked about going to bloodsports in the post-apocalypse and how to write about MMA without getting beat up.

Buy a copy of FIVE MOVES OF DOOM here!

Check out A.J.'s site for tour details and other events!

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Author Niall Howell joined us to talk about his new novel THERE ARE WOLVES HERE TOO. Along the way we talked about having Eighties nostalgia while also being in the Nineties, and which classic English book could have been written by a dinosaur.

Pick up your copy of THERE ARE WOLVES HERE TOO at our website.

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Author Kathryn Willcock joined us to talk about her new memoir UP THE COAST, as well as pieces that didn't make the cut and the value of blue-collar storytelling.

Pre-order your copy of UP THE COAST at!

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Travel writer Jill Frayne stopped by to talk about her first fiction book (and part of the Nunatak First Fiction series no less) WHY I'M HERE. Along the way, we talked about the North, social work and why mentorship can teach you how to write outside your comfort zones.

Pre-order your copy of WHY I'M HERE now at!

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Darcy Tamayose stopped by to talk about her much-anticipated new book Ezra's Ghosts, a collection of linked stories.

Along the way we talked about comic books, Stephen King and the early days of the pandemic.

Pre-order your copy of the book now at!

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Debut author and editor Frances Peck joined us to talk about her novel The Broken Places, part of our Nunatak First Fiction Series.

Along the way we talked about writing about disasters while new ones crop up in real life, and why flawed characters can be our favourites.

Join Frances for a reading with the North Shore Writers' Association March 29th at 7 pm! 

Pre-order your copy of the book at!

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Mystery author J.T. Siemens joined us to talk about his debut novel TO THOSE WHO KILLED ME. Along the way we talked about first brushes with mortality and what authors can learn from physical trainers.

Pre-order your copy of TO THOSE WHO KILLED ME here:

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Thomas Wharton joined us to talk about the new edition of his classic novel ICEFIELDS. Along the way we talked about the curse of being prescient on climate change issues, as well as living a fuller life than your characters ever could.

Come to the Zoom launch for ICEFIELDS: LANDMARK EDITION on Tuesday, October 26 at 7 pm Mountain:

Grab your own copy of ICEFIELDS here:

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Debut author Andy Zuliani joined us to talk about his ripped-from-the-headlines novel LAST TIDE, as well as the general apocalyptic feeling and the creeping progress of global capital. Follow along, won't you?

Grab a copy of LAST TIDE here:

Register for the Zoom launch with fellow NeWester Leah Ranada (THE CINE STAR SALON) on October 19 here:

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Debut author Leah Ranada joined us this week to talk about her book THE CINE STAR SALON, as well as the parasocial relationships you develop with hairdressers and what stressful job works best for a protagonist.

Join Leah Ranada and fellow NeWester Andy Zuliani for their Zoom launch on October 19th:

Leah is also featuring at the Royal City Literary Arts Society's Tellers of Short Tales event on September 23rd:

Grab your copy of THE CINE STAR SALON here:

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Kieran Egan joined us for a chat about his new novel TENURE, the story of a gangster who goes up against the biggest racket of all: academia.

Come join the TENURE launch on Monday, October 4th, with special guests A.J. Devlin and Sam Wiebe:

Pick up your own copy of TENURE here:

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Carol Harvey Steski came on the show to discuss her debut poetry collection rump + flank, and along the way we talked about the politics of bodies and our favourite fonts.

Come see Carol read online on September 22nd!

Grab a copy of rump + flank here!

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Glen Huser came on the show to talk about his new book BURNING THE NIGHT, as well as his first book GRACE LAKE and how they both came about. We also talk about depicting visual art in prose form, as well as changing attitudes between his first book for adults and his latest.

Come see Glen read with Danial Neil on May 10th!

Grab a copy of BURNING THE NIGHT here!

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Kevin Holowack joins us to speak about his debut novel LIGHT ON A PART OF THE FIELD, as well as how to write the past vibrantly and the portrayal of artistic frustration. 

Grab a copy of Kevin's book here!

Sign up for Kevin's May 5th launch with Karen Hofmann here!

Check out Kevin's latest album here!

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Karen Hofmann joined us to talk about her new novel A BRIEF VIEW FROM THE COASTAL SUITE, as well as Vancouver real estate and which child she likes the best.

Come see Karen live on Zoom on May 9th!


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Danial Neil joined us to talk about his new novel DOMINION OF MERCY, as well as overarching corporate control of our lives and the Scottish underworld. Fun topics!

Pick up a copy of DOMINION OF MERCY here!

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The podcast is back to talk to authors from NeWest's Spring 2021 season. First up is Nisha Patel, who joined us on the show to talk about her debut poetry collection COCONUT, as well as the differences between spoken word and written, chapbooks and other books, and India and Canada.

Check out Nisha's Virtual Book Tour here!

Buy a copy of COCONUT here!

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After a little bit of computer trouble on our end, John O'Neill was finally able to come by the show and talk about his new short story collection GOTH GIRLS OF BANFF. Along the way, we talked about German Expressionism, H.P. Lovecraft and corsets.

Pick up GOTH GIRLS OF BANFF from our site here:

Check out Don Gorman's Google Map of indie bookstores across Canada.

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D.B. Carew hopped on to Skype for a chat about his new book The Weight of Blood, sequel to 2014's The Killer Trail. We also talked about the odds of meeting a psychopath among other fun things. 

Register for the November 17 Zoom event here:

The Zoom link will be sent to you by email via eventbrite: make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the email for the link.
If you have any issues with the link, email us at
Books are available at
Or order from your favourite local bookstore!
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Mark Lisac, author of the upcoming novel IMAGE DECAY, stopped in for a Skype chat on the book as well as government secrecy and why lawyers might make better main characters than newspaper reporters.

To sign up for the November 9th Zoom event, click here:

The Zoom link will be sent to you by email via eventbrite: make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the email for the link.
If you have any issues with the link, email us at
Books are available at
Or order from your favourite local bookstore!
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Anne Wheeler stopped by for a Skype chat to talk about her first book of creative non-fiction, TAKEN BY THE MUSE, as well as the oddities of releasing a book during a pandemic, growing up in Alberta in the 1950s and more.

To pick up your own copy of TAKEN BY THE MUSE, check it out on the NeWest Press site here:

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A.J. Devlin dropped in to talk about the followup to his award winning debut Cobra Clutch, as Rolling Thunder releases in the middle of a pandemic.

We also talked about wrestling in the age of corona, as well as what winning an award does to your kids' knowledge of your craft.

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C.J. Lavigne dropped in to talk about her debut literary fantasy novel In Veritas, as well as role playing game settings, and synaesthesia as a literary device.

Regretfully, we have had to cancel our in-person launch events for this and every book due to the Covid-19 outbreak, but please stay tuned to our social media for web launches as well as eventually in-store events.

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Traci Skuce was on hand to talk about her debut short story collection HUNGER MOON, as well as the resurgence of horoscopes and the cruelty of children

Regretfully, due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak all of our in person events have been put on hold, but we are doing a Facebook live launch for this book on April 15th:

Keep an eye on NeWest's social media accounts to find out when we are able to meet again.

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Bertrand Bickersteth dropped in to talk about his debut poetry collection THE RESPONSE OF WEEDS, as well as the connection between movie and music stars from the US and the Canadian prairie.

Regretfully, due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak the events Bertrand mentions have been put on hold, but keep an eye on NeWest's social media accounts to find out when we are able to meet again.

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Meredith Quartermain joined us to talk about the latest entry in the Crow Said Poetry series, LULLABIES IN THE REAL WORLD. Along the way we talked about subway voices and co-authors from beyond the grave.

Regretfully, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the events Meredith brings up during this recording have been postponed, but stay tuned to our social media for updates once the situation improves.

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Randy Nikkel Schroeder joined us to talk about his exceedingly strange punk road novel-meets-northern meditation ARCTIC SMOKE. Along the way we talked about fallen music idols, and which cities in Southern Alberta are the weirdest.

If you're interested in checking out the soundtrack to the novel by THE TARSANDS, click here:

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Meaghan Marie Hackinen joined us over Skype to talk about her debut adventure non-fiction book SOUTH AWAY, about a momentous trip down the Pacific Coast on bicycles with her sister. Along the way, we talked about staying humble, and how to take your mind off of things while doing such a huge task.

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Jaclyn Dawn joined us over Skype to talk about her debut novel THE INQUIRER, about a big-city tabloid newspaper wreaking havoc on the inhabitants of a small town, as well as the curiosity you have while looking into other peoples' windows and the differences between city and town living.

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Peter Midgley came by the NeWest Press office to talk about his latest poetry collection let us not think of them as barbarians, a book which grapples with history, legacy and atonement.

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Wendy McGrath joined us at the NeWest Press World Headquarters to talk about the long-awaited conclusion to her Santa Rosa trilogy, Broke City. Along the way we talked about not getting hit by cars when inspiration strikes and how to spot the ghosts of an old neighborhood.

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Heidi Jacobs joined us to talk about her debut novel MOLLY OF THE MALL: LITERARY LASS AND PURVEYOR OF FINE FOOTWEAR, as well as the changing state of Edmonton's retail scene and which Jane Austen star would have fit right in with Oasis.

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Karen Hofmann joined us to talk about her new short story collection ECHOLOCATION, as well as the lot in life of grad students, and choosing between your favourite stories.

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Niall Howell joined us to talk about ONLY PRETTY DAMNED, his debut novel due out this spring. We also talked about Batman, Barko the Crime Dog, and fantasy-casted the OPD movie. (I think the actress Niall has in mind for Gloria is Ruth Hussey:

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Audrey Whitson joins us at the NeWest Press office to talk about her new novel THE DEATH OF ANNIE THE WATCHER WITCHER BY LIGHTNING, as well as some dark periods in Alberta history as well as growing up in small towns.

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Bruce Cinnamon joins us at the NeWest Press office to talk about cities with chips on their shoulders and how sometimes civic spirit can go wrong. Check out THE MELTING QUEEN in stores and online in April!

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Collin Doyle joins us at the NeWest Press office to talk about his play collection THE MIGHTY CARLINS, as well as some hairbrained get-rich-quick schemes and the subtleties of stage directions.

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The prolific Garry Ryan joins us to talk about the tenth Detective Lane mystery, SEA OF CORTEZ. We also discuss the stereotypical "Ugly Canadian" as well as the surprising heroic turn by one of Lane's supporting cast in this novel.


For more information about Garry Ryan and the Detective Lane novels, go to

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Emilia Danielewska drops in to talk about her debut poetry publication PAPER CASKETS, which is part of our new Crow Said Poetry series.

Along the way, we talk about how writing something down is essentially killing it, and how in Victorian times you might only get one chance for a selfie.

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Theanna Bischoff (Cleavage, Swallow) joins General Manager Matt Bowes to talk about her new literary thriller LEFT.

Along the way we talk about the baby imagery in the book (featuring a real-live baby!) and when the most dangerous time to be in Calgary is.

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Rosie Chard joined us to kick off the Fall 2018 season with her tale of professional snoopers THE EAVESDROPPERS. We also talk about failed British science experiments and the best way to listen to your neighbours.

More information on Rosie Chard can be found at:

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Multi-genre author Darusha Wehm joined us at the office to discuss THE HOME FOR WAYWARD PARROTS, as well as the New Zealand author scene and which animals are the worst to meet while sailing.

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Author and poet Sean Arthur Joyce joins us to discuss his new novel Mountain Blues, as well as survival strategies for city slickers in small towns as well as hyper-competent cats.

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Author A.J. Devlin joins us to talk about his debut mystery novel COBRA CLUTCH, as well as Vancouver, hardboiled influences and wrasslin'!

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Author Kayla Geitzler joins us to discuss the first book in NeWest Press' new poetry series, Crow Said Poetry, That Light Feeling Under Your Feet. We also talked about weird habits of the rich, when marketing copy goes wrong, and why you might not have gotten any ice cream on your last cruise voyage.

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Author David Martin joins us to discuss one of the two inaugrual entries in the Crow Said Poetry series, Tar Swan. Along the way, we discuss the toll oilsands extraction takes on the soul, and which mythological creatures seem the most ornery.

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Author Phyllis Rudin joins us to talk about her new novel My True and Complete Adventures as a Wannabe Voyageur. Along the way, we discuss what it's like to work in a museum, literary influences, and May/December friendships.

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Author Taylor Lambert joins us to talk about his latest non-fiction book Darwin's Moving. Along the way, we discussed the stratified nature of Calgary, Canadians' unwillingness to talk about class, and the differences and similarities between Alberta's two great cities.

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Author Karen Hofmann joins us to discuss her new novel What Is Going To Happen Next. Along the way we discuss an aspect of violence not often seen in literary fiction, as well as the way BC can shape individual liberties.

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Author Greg Rhyno joins us to talk about his debut novel To Me You Seem Giant. Along the way, we discuss adaptation and isolation in Thunder Bay, as well as the interaction between mixtapes and literary fiction.

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Author Robert Pepper-Smith joins us to talk about his new publication The Orchard Keepers, which collects his earlier novels The Wheel Keeper and House of Spells and an all new book called Sanctuary. Along the way, he talks about how closely some of his characters resemble his own experiences, as well as how writing has a lot to do with sculpting.

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Author Sarah de Leeuw joins us to talk about her new essay collection Where it Hurts, as well as developments in Northern B.C., the difference between writing non-fiction and creative non-fiction, as well as how she gets essays published.

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Author Jennifer Bowering Delisle talks about her new book The Bosun Chair, a work that combines poetry, newspaper clippings and interviews to try and better understand her family's connection to Newfoundland.

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Author Steven Peters talks about his debut novel 59 Glass Bridges, as well as Calgary's mysterious pedway system and the influence of Dante, Calvino and Carroll on his work.

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Author Rudy Wiebe talks about his new essay collection Where the Truth Lies, as well as Edmonton's place in the Canadian literature scene, how to get better at public speaking, and what it was like to have his first novel set off a critical firestorm.

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Author Jenny Ferguson talks about her flash fiction novel BORDER MARKERS, the elusive nature of this form of writing, as well as what it was like living in the bifurcated city of Lloydminster in high school.

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Victoria author Kevin Couture talks about his short story collection LOST ANIMAL CLUB, as well as his literary influences, how his upbringing in small-town B.C. comes through in his work and more!

Direct download: Kevin_Couture_Interview.mp3
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Calgary author Lauralyn Chow talks about her book of short stories PAPER TEETH, which revolves around the Lee family and their experiences living in '70s Edmonton, Alberta.

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Alberta author Susanna Pfisterer talks about her biography of her father, FIFTY PERCENT OF MOUNTAINEERING IS UPHILL, as well as how mountaineering has changed over the years.

Direct download: Susi_Pfisterer_Interview.mp3
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Edmonton poet Walter Hildebrandt stopped by the NeWest Press offices to talk about his new collection DOCUMENTARIES, as well as the difference between writing poetry and history, and his ever-evolving poetic process.

Direct download: Walter_Hildebrandt_Interview.mp3
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Edmonton author Myrna Kostash talks about her new work of creative non-fiction The Seven Oaks Reader, as well as researching events from two hundred years ago and the changing perception of historical events.

Direct download: Myrna_Kostash_Interview.m4a
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Edmonton author Mark Lisac talks about the transition from journalism to fiction, the current political climate in Alberta, and reads from his debut novel Where The Bodies Lie.

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Saskatchewan author Lisa Guenther talks about her debut novel FRIENDLY FIRE, violence against women, and the healing power of music.

Direct download: 048_Lisa_Guenther.mp3
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Author Wendi Stewart talks about her debut novel MEADOWLARK, and the challenges of transforming childhood tragedy into uplift.

Direct download: 047_Wendi_Stewart.mp3
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Episode #46: R.W. Gray/ENTROPIC

R.W. Gray talks about his new story collection ENTROPIC, the limits of magical realism, and the burden of being beautiful.

Direct download: 046_RW_Gray.mp3
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Hollie Adams talks about her new novel THINGS YOU'VE INHERITED FROM YOUR MOTHER, using laughter as an outlet for grief, and the addictive challenge of writing in the second person.

Direct download: 045_Hollie_Adams.mp3
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Episode #44: Ken Cameron/DEAR JOHNNY DEERE

Playwright Ken Cameron talks about the creation of his new musical DEAR JOHNNY DEERE, and the Fred Eaglesmith songs that inspired it.

Direct download: 044_Ken_Cameron_Dear_Johnny_Deere.mp3
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Episode #43: Gerald Hill/HILLSDALE BOOK

Poet Gerald Hill talks about his epic, episodic HILLSDALE BOOK and the Regina suburb that inspired it.

Direct download: 043_Gerald_Hill.mp3
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Sean Trinder talks about his debut novel THE GUY WHO PUMPS YOUR GAS HATES YOU, its unprintable original title, his various stints working at real-life gas stations, and why he hesitates to tell people he's a writer.

Direct download: Episode_42__Sean_Trinder_THE_GUY_WHO_PUMPS_YOUR_GAS_HATES_YOU_copy.mp3
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Welder/boilermaker/author Rick Ranson talks about his new book BITTERSWEET SANDS, and the firsthand realities of working in the Fort McMurray oilsands.

Direct download: 041_Rick_Ranson.mp3
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Edmonton writer Wendy McGrath talks about her luminous new novel NORTH EAST, vanishing neighbourhoods, and the imaginative world of childhood.

Direct download: 040_Wendy_McGrath_North_East.mp3
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Episode #39: Marguerite Pigeon/SOME EXTREMELY BORING DRIVES

Marguerite Pigeon discusses her new story collection SOME EXTREMELY BORING DRIVES, long-distance endurance racing, bullfighting, cat-catching, and her attempt to emulate Franz Kafka.

Direct download: 039_Marguerite_Pigeon_Boring_Drives.mp3
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Episode #38: Laurence Miall/BLIND SPOT

Laurence Miall talks about his new novel BLIND SPOT, the virtues of setting a book in an unglamourous city like Edmonton, and the challenges of writing a book with what some might call an "unlikable" protagonist.

Direct download: 038_Laurence_Miall.mp3
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D.B. Carew talks about his experiences as a first-time novelist, and how his day job as a social worker at a forensic psychiatric hospital informed his new thriller THE KILLER TRAIL.

Direct download: 037_DB_Carew.mp3
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Karen Hofmann talks about her new novel AFTER ALICE, sibling rivalry, orchard life, whether elderly characters are different from youthful characters, and the art of describing the natural world.

Direct download: 036_Karen_Hofmann.mp3
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Edmonton actor/playwright/improviser/screenwriter/TV star Chris Craddock talks about his new collection of theatrical monologues, PUBLIC SPEAKING AND OTHER PLAYS, as well as Ayn Rand acolytes, amateur porn stars, and electric chair designers.

Direct download: 035_Chris_Craddock.mp3
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Calgary author Garry Ryan talks about his latest Detective Lane crime novel FOXED, the challenges of writing a novel series, the secret of his impressively prolific literary output, and future directions for the Lane books.

Direct download: 034_Garry_Ryan_Foxed.mp3
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Marissa Reaume talks about her debut novel SHALLOW ENOUGH TO WALK THROUGH, magical realism, and the hidden charms of Windsor, Ontario.

Direct download: 033_Marissa_Reaume.mp3
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Thea Bowering talks about her new collection of short stories, LOVE AT LAST SIGHT, the concept of the flaneur, and the reasons why men still read Henry Miller.

Direct download: 032_Thea_Bowering.mp3
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Poet Meredith Quartermain talks about the challenges of writing her first novel, RUPERT'S LAND, the evolution of gender roles, and the effect of the vast prairie landscape upon the people who inhabit it.

Direct download: 031_Meredith_Quartermain.mp3
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Rosie Chard discusses her new novel THE INSISTENT GARDEN, the challenges of writing a second novel, and the differences between flower gardeners and vegetable gardeners.

Direct download: 030_Rosie_Chard.mp3
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Steve Hanon talks about his research into the worst mine disaster in Canadian history, the Hillcrest explosion of 1914, and the human stories that populate his nonfiction book THE DEVIL'S BREATH.

Direct download: 029_Steve_Hanon.mp3
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Rebecca Campbell talks about life as a modern-day academic, life as a 1920s vaudeville performer, and how those two types of lives combine in her new novel THE PARADISE ENGINE.

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Marguerite Pigeon talks about her new kidnapping thriller OPEN PIT, and how her own experiences working with social-justice organizations in Latin America informed its themes.

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Poet Jenna Butler discusses her new book SELDOM SEEN ROAD and the surprising similarities between female prairie pioneers and the butterflies in the regions they settled.

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The new season of NeWest Press Audio kicks off with an interview with BELINDA'S RINGS author Corinna Chong, who talks about crop circles, precocious children, and who *did* eat the cherry pie.

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Nonfiction author Elizabeth McLachlan talks about the inspiring resilience of small Canadian towns, and their surprising ability to reinvent themselves economically.

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Calgary author Garry Ryan, most famous for his series of Detective Lane mysteries, talks about his first foray into historical fiction: the WWII aviation adventure BLACKBIRDS.

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Fran Kimmel joins us from Lacombe to talk about her new novel THE SHORE GIRL, her attraction to outsider characters, and the challenges of writing about a main character from the point of view of a group of characters who barely know her at all.

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Calgary writer Theanna Bischoff talks about her new novel SWALLOW, the complexities of sister-sister relationships, and the challenges of writing a book about suicide without alienating potential readers.

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Calgary playwright Clem Martini discusses his new collection MARTINI WITH A TWIST, ponders the usefulness of absurdity, and reveals which part of the elephant is the softest one to kiss.

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Dianne Meili talks about the process of writing her seminal 1991 collection of elder profiles THOSE WHO KNOW, and revising and updating it for its brand-new 20th Anniversary Edition.

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Barb Howard discusses her hilarious new short story collection WESTERN TAXIDERMY, roadside tourist attractions, and the art of back-fat defleshing.

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Sarah de Leeuw talks about her new book of poetry GEOGRAPHIES OF A LOVER, the challenges of writing poetry about intimate sexual experiences, and how her work as a geographer informs her depictions of place and landscape. NOTE: This episode contains explicit language that may offend some listeners.

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Cassie Stocks talks about her first novel, the delightful comic fable DANCE, GLADYS, DANCE, artistic self-doubt, the genius of Kurt Vonnegut, and her former job as the caretaker of her boyfriend's hydroponic pot factory.

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Saskatchewan author Barbara Langhorst talks about her debut poetry collection RESTLESS WHITE FIELDS and the violent real-life incident that inspired it.

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Edmonton playwright Stewart Lemoine talks about his history with the Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival, and the three masterful Fringe plays that make up his new collection WITNESS TO A CONGA AND OTHER PLAYS.

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