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Calgary author Garry Ryan talks about his latest Detective Lane crime novel FOXED, the challenges of writing a novel series, the secret of his impressively prolific literary output, and future directions for the Lane books.

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Marissa Reaume talks about her debut novel SHALLOW ENOUGH TO WALK THROUGH, magical realism, and the hidden charms of Windsor, Ontario.

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Thea Bowering talks about her new collection of short stories, LOVE AT LAST SIGHT, the concept of the flaneur, and the reasons why men still read Henry Miller.

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Poet Meredith Quartermain talks about the challenges of writing her first novel, RUPERT'S LAND, the evolution of gender roles, and the effect of the vast prairie landscape upon the people who inhabit it.

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Rosie Chard discusses her new novel THE INSISTENT GARDEN, the challenges of writing a second novel, and the differences between flower gardeners and vegetable gardeners.

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Steve Hanon talks about his research into the worst mine disaster in Canadian history, the Hillcrest explosion of 1914, and the human stories that populate his nonfiction book THE DEVIL'S BREATH.

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Rebecca Campbell talks about life as a modern-day academic, life as a 1920s vaudeville performer, and how those two types of lives combine in her new novel THE PARADISE ENGINE.

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Marguerite Pigeon talks about her new kidnapping thriller OPEN PIT, and how her own experiences working with social-justice organizations in Latin America informed its themes.

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Poet Jenna Butler discusses her new book SELDOM SEEN ROAD and the surprising similarities between female prairie pioneers and the butterflies in the regions they settled.

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The new season of NeWest Press Audio kicks off with an interview with BELINDA'S RINGS author Corinna Chong, who talks about crop circles, precocious children, and who *did* eat the cherry pie.

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