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Collin Doyle joins us at the NeWest Press office to talk about his play collection THE MIGHTY CARLINS, as well as some hairbrained get-rich-quick schemes and the subtleties of stage directions.

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The prolific Garry Ryan joins us to talk about the tenth Detective Lane mystery, SEA OF CORTEZ. We also discuss the stereotypical "Ugly Canadian" as well as the surprising heroic turn by one of Lane's supporting cast in this novel.


For more information about Garry Ryan and the Detective Lane novels, go to

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Emilia Danielewska drops in to talk about her debut poetry publication PAPER CASKETS, which is part of our new Crow Said Poetry series.

Along the way, we talk about how writing something down is essentially killing it, and how in Victorian times you might only get one chance for a selfie.

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Theanna Bischoff (Cleavage, Swallow) joins General Manager Matt Bowes to talk about her new literary thriller LEFT.

Along the way we talk about the baby imagery in the book (featuring a real-live baby!) and when the most dangerous time to be in Calgary is.

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Rosie Chard joined us to kick off the Fall 2018 season with her tale of professional snoopers THE EAVESDROPPERS. We also talk about failed British science experiments and the best way to listen to your neighbours.

More information on Rosie Chard can be found at:

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Multi-genre author Darusha Wehm joined us at the office to discuss THE HOME FOR WAYWARD PARROTS, as well as the New Zealand author scene and which animals are the worst to meet while sailing.

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Author and poet Sean Arthur Joyce joins us to discuss his new novel Mountain Blues, as well as survival strategies for city slickers in small towns as well as hyper-competent cats.

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Author A.J. Devlin joins us to talk about his debut mystery novel COBRA CLUTCH, as well as Vancouver, hardboiled influences and wrasslin'!

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Author Kayla Geitzler joins us to discuss the first book in NeWest Press' new poetry series, Crow Said Poetry, That Light Feeling Under Your Feet. We also talked about weird habits of the rich, when marketing copy goes wrong, and why you might not have gotten any ice cream on your last cruise voyage.

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Author David Martin joins us to discuss one of the two inaugrual entries in the Crow Said Poetry series, Tar Swan. Along the way, we discuss the toll oilsands extraction takes on the soul, and which mythological creatures seem the most ornery.

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