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Debut author Andy Zuliani joined us to talk about his ripped-from-the-headlines novel LAST TIDE, as well as the general apocalyptic feeling and the creeping progress of global capital. Follow along, won't you?

Grab a copy of LAST TIDE here:

Register for the Zoom launch with fellow NeWester Leah Ranada (THE CINE STAR SALON) on October 19 here:

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Debut author Leah Ranada joined us this week to talk about her book THE CINE STAR SALON, as well as the parasocial relationships you develop with hairdressers and what stressful job works best for a protagonist.

Join Leah Ranada and fellow NeWester Andy Zuliani for their Zoom launch on October 19th:

Leah is also featuring at the Royal City Literary Arts Society's Tellers of Short Tales event on September 23rd:

Grab your copy of THE CINE STAR SALON here:

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Kieran Egan joined us for a chat about his new novel TENURE, the story of a gangster who goes up against the biggest racket of all: academia.

Come join the TENURE launch on Monday, October 4th, with special guests A.J. Devlin and Sam Wiebe:

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