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Victoria author Kevin Couture talks about his short story collection LOST ANIMAL CLUB, as well as his literary influences, how his upbringing in small-town B.C. comes through in his work and more!

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Calgary author Lauralyn Chow talks about her book of short stories PAPER TEETH, which revolves around the Lee family and their experiences living in '70s Edmonton, Alberta.

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Alberta author Susanna Pfisterer talks about her biography of her father, FIFTY PERCENT OF MOUNTAINEERING IS UPHILL, as well as how mountaineering has changed over the years.

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Edmonton poet Walter Hildebrandt stopped by the NeWest Press offices to talk about his new collection DOCUMENTARIES, as well as the difference between writing poetry and history, and his ever-evolving poetic process.

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Edmonton author Myrna Kostash talks about her new work of creative non-fiction The Seven Oaks Reader, as well as researching events from two hundred years ago and the changing perception of historical events.

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Edmonton author Mark Lisac talks about the transition from journalism to fiction, the current political climate in Alberta, and reads from his debut novel Where The Bodies Lie.

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Saskatchewan author Lisa Guenther talks about her debut novel FRIENDLY FIRE, violence against women, and the healing power of music.

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Author Wendi Stewart talks about her debut novel MEADOWLARK, and the challenges of transforming childhood tragedy into uplift.

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Episode #46: R.W. Gray/ENTROPIC

R.W. Gray talks about his new story collection ENTROPIC, the limits of magical realism, and the burden of being beautiful.

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Hollie Adams talks about her new novel THINGS YOU'VE INHERITED FROM YOUR MOTHER, using laughter as an outlet for grief, and the addictive challenge of writing in the second person.

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