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Episode #46: R.W. Gray/ENTROPIC

R.W. Gray talks about his new story collection ENTROPIC, the limits of magical realism, and the burden of being beautiful.

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Hollie Adams talks about her new novel THINGS YOU'VE INHERITED FROM YOUR MOTHER, using laughter as an outlet for grief, and the addictive challenge of writing in the second person.

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Episode #44: Ken Cameron/DEAR JOHNNY DEERE

Playwright Ken Cameron talks about the creation of his new musical DEAR JOHNNY DEERE, and the Fred Eaglesmith songs that inspired it.

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Episode #43: Gerald Hill/HILLSDALE BOOK

Poet Gerald Hill talks about his epic, episodic HILLSDALE BOOK and the Regina suburb that inspired it.

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Sean Trinder talks about his debut novel THE GUY WHO PUMPS YOUR GAS HATES YOU, its unprintable original title, his various stints working at real-life gas stations, and why he hesitates to tell people he's a writer.

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Welder/boilermaker/author Rick Ranson talks about his new book BITTERSWEET SANDS, and the firsthand realities of working in the Fort McMurray oilsands.

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Edmonton writer Wendy McGrath talks about her luminous new novel NORTH EAST, vanishing neighbourhoods, and the imaginative world of childhood.

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Episode #39: Marguerite Pigeon/SOME EXTREMELY BORING DRIVES

Marguerite Pigeon discusses her new story collection SOME EXTREMELY BORING DRIVES, long-distance endurance racing, bullfighting, cat-catching, and her attempt to emulate Franz Kafka.

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Episode #38: Laurence Miall/BLIND SPOT

Laurence Miall talks about his new novel BLIND SPOT, the virtues of setting a book in an unglamourous city like Edmonton, and the challenges of writing a book with what some might call an "unlikable" protagonist.

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D.B. Carew talks about his experiences as a first-time novelist, and how his day job as a social worker at a forensic psychiatric hospital informed his new thriller THE KILLER TRAIL.

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